Monday, June 22, 2009

Recycle Reuse Guide - courtesy of KIB

I have linked the KIB (Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful) Recycle Reuse Guide on the right hand tab. It is a very useful guide to recycling or reusing various materials. You might be surprised to know that materials you thought were junk can be reused in multiple ways. Either way, take a look and see what you can recycle and where you can do it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Paperboard, what to do???

First order of business, I need to know what to do with the copious amounts of paperboard our family accumulates. Everything we buy from peanut clusters to fruit gushers and everything inbetween seems to come in paperboard. I'm guessing we could reduce the amount of waste significantly by recycling our paperboard. Easy enough, but...........


or do they??

Here is where I'll post any relevant information regarding paperboard because issues, policy, action, all change in time. Hopefully we'll see a broader avenue for better recycling throughout the city in years to come.

Anyway, there are a few places to recycle it, but I have been unable to verify them so far.

EDIT: I called Republic Services today (June 3rd-2009)and THEY DO NOT take paperboard at the Langsdale or Robinson Road locations, only corrugated cardboard. Republic Services is listed here as recycling paperboard at Sam's Club Parking lot, 3015 W. 86th St.; Broad Ripple Park, Evanston Street entrance. However there is no listing for these locations on the Republic Services website. I will have to visit these locations myself and see if they do in fact recycle paperboard and what the deal is.

See how confusing this is?? Shouldn't recycling be a bit more more seamless?? At least a bit easier?? I'll keep on it, but it looks to be no easy task. Below are a few places I've found that will take your paperboard. Rock-Tenn also takes plastics 1-7.

2025 Stout Field W. Dr

Indianapolis, IN


2. Rock-Tenn MAP

1775 S. West Street

Indianapolis, IN